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Yasuní National Park


Day 1

Welcome to Misahualli in the travel agency Teorumi . -Explanation of the program . -Delivery of materials such as rubber boots , water, passenger registration and departure from the agency to the river and take the boat and navigating the Rio Napo to 4 hours. -Lunch, then navigation arrival to Pto . Francisco de Orellana passport control , maritime police . -Output to sleep on a beach in the Yasuni National Park in New Providence community , dinner, night walk to enjoy the biodiversity of Yasuni National Park. -Dinner. -Overnight.

Day 2

-Breakfast 6:30 am. -Navigation 45 minutes by the Rio Napo to observe minerals where parrots eat and then visit the community Anango canoe. -Walk in the primary forest to observe the flora and fauna in and Sunni. -Visit of a 60m viewing tower. -Return to the canoe and navigation 2 hours for the Rio Napo to the Pañacocha lagoon. -Arrival in the afternoon, set up the tents, fishing, piranha. -Canoe to Pañacocha lagoon. -Dinner. -Overnight.

Day 3

-Breakfast 6:30 am. -Navigation for 5 hours by the Rio Napo to the border town Nuevo Rocafuerte, Tambococha controlto register visitors. -Starting by the Rio Yasuni 45m. Jatuncocha to the lake to enjoy the scenery and wildlife observation wildlife Jatuncocha lagoon. -Set up the tents. -Dinner. Night tour to observe alligators.

Day 4

-Navigation Jatuncocha lake to observe pink dolphins, parrots, monkeys, parrots. Return to camp. breakfast. -canoe trip for 2 hours to observe the flora and fauna of the Yasuni flooded forest. -Walk in the primary forest. -Return to camp. -Dinner. -Night walk. -Overnight

Day 5

* Breakfast 6:30 -Return by canoe towards Francisco de Orellana via the Rio Napo and overnight on a beach on route.

Day 6

-breakfast. -Arrival to Francisco de Orellana. End of services.


Transport, all meals, drinking water, local naturalist guide, entrances, etc.