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Our Team

Our Team

Teodoro Rivadeneyra

"Teorumi" means "stone" in Quichua, Theodore is 34 and born in Shiripuno a Quichua community in the Amazon forest, 2 km from Misahualli. Since childhood, he learned to know every corner of the jungle, the secrets of plants and animals living in the heart of Quechua traditions. After college and military service, with the help of an English family, had the opportunity to study biology at the University of Leeds in England where he graduated as a biologist in herpetology (poisonous snakes). With the desire to share his knowledge with people and his experience in Europe, realizing the importance of life existing in his native country,he returned to Ecuador where he began working as a native guide from the city of Baños for 8 years. Specializing in medicinal plants for survival in nature, is the sole owner of an Quichua agency in Misahualli and holder of the Official Tour Guide License issued by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism. Currently President of the Association of Guides of the Napo Province, has an important role in promoting sustainable tourism and the provision of quality services. Teorumi speaks Quichua, Spanish, English and French.

The Guides

All guides are Ecuadorian nationals, Quichua and have the official license granted by native guide the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador. Then with the greatest professionalism and knowledge gained from birth, Leopold, Arnulfo, Hugo, Livio, Wilson and the others count the thousands of secrets in their wonderful and mysterious environment.

Cooks and motorists ...

All persons who accompany you during your tours are Quechua. Happy to make you discover their native environment and its wonders. Proud to meet foreign people who are interested in their way of life and customs, will be glad to share with you and work with us to give their families a decent life and schooling for their children.